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Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church

Sunday Morning, The Book of Amos

 Leader: Pastor Warskow
Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church

Leader: Pastor Warskow
Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church, Spooner, WI
Meeting Day(s): Sunday Morning
Meeting Time: 10:15 AM 

The Book of Amos 

  • This is the only place in the Old Testament where the name of Amos is used.
  •  He was called by the Lord to be a prophet (1:1; 7:14-16)
  •  He prophesied during the reigns of Uzziah – also called Azariah – King of Judah (792-740 BC) & Jeroboam II King of Israel (793-753 BC). These kings are mentioned in 2 Kings 14 & 15 and in 2 Chronicles 26.
  • Contemporaries were Hosea and Jonah in Israel, Isaiah and Micah in Judah.
  •  Archeology has uncovered evidence of the earthquake mentioned in Amos 1:1 and has also revealed some details of life in Israel during the Eighth Century BC.
  •  Occupation was a shepherd (7:14)
  • From Tekoa a town 6 miles south of Bethlehem
The times: 
  1. It was a silver age.
  2. The rich lived at the expense of those who had less. (2:7)
  3. The courts favored those who had money. (5:12)
  4. Merchants were dishonest, looking only for their own profit. (8:5)
  5. “Religion” flourished at the Israelite shrines, but ceremony & sacrifice were not accompanied by godly living. (4:4,5; 5:21-24)
 Outline: (The book of Amos has three main parts and a conclusion.) 
  1. Announcement of Judgment on the Nations – and on Israel (1,2)
  2. Further proclamations of Judgment (3-6)
  1. Judgment on the Whole House of Israel (3)
  2. Judgment on the Women of Samaria (4)
  3. A Lamentation for Virgin Israel (5)
  4. Woe to the Complacent Lovers of Luxury (6)
  1. Five Visions and Messages of Judgment (7:1-9:10)
  1. A vision of Locusts (7:1-3)
  2. A vision of Fire (7:4-6)
  3. A vision of a Plumbline (7:79), and the story of how the Lord called Amos (7:10-15).
  4. A vision of Summer Fruit (8:1-3), and a message of judgement (8:4-15).
  5. A vision of the Lord standing at the Altar (9:1-4), and a message of judgment (9:5-10).
Conclusion: A message of Hope for God’s Believing People (9:11-15).
Amos 1-2:
  1. Although Tekoa is 12 miles south of Jerusalem, to whom is Amos’ message addressed?
  1. What kind of “seeing” is referred to in v. 1?
  1. Identify the 5-part outline of each of the 8 oracles of judgment.




  1. What do the sins of the 5 Gentile nations have in common?
  1. What seems worse about the sin of Edom?
  1. What progression do you note in God’s oracles of judgment? 
  1. What is the sin for which Judah will be punished? 
  1. How do you suppose the people of Israel felt about the first 7 oracles? 
  1. In the final oracle (2:6 ff), of what sins does God accuse Israel?
  1. How does what Amos says apply to us?
Chapter 3:
  1. What’s the point of the 7 questions in vv. 3-6? 
  1. How do the Israelites seem to have received Amos’ message, vv. 7f? 
  1. For what job does God summon Philistia and Egypt, vv. 9-15? 
  1. What significance do you see in this for Israel?
  1. In light of yesterday’s terrorist activities, explain v. 6. (cf. Is. 45:7)

Chapter 8: Vision #4
  1. What are the sins for which God will judge Israel, vv. 5f? 
  1. Describe the judgment God threatens to send on Israel…
v. 3:
vv. 8-10:
vv. 11-14:
“The judgment of God is never so terrible as when he gives guilty people what they want…. They will not hear God’s truth; they shall not hear.” (Concordia Self-study Commentary)
Chapter 9: Vision #5
  1. What did the fifth vision show Amos?
    4. What progression do you see from the first four visions to this one?  

     5.  Normally when the Lord appeared at an altar, what was his purpose?  
  1. What was his purpose here? 
  1. In announcing judgment, the Lord takes up four stock phrases current among apostate (unbelieving) Israelites. Identify their statements and the Lord’s response to each. 
v. 7a:
v. 7b:
v. 8:
v. 10:
  1. Where is the one Gospel promise in Amos? 
  1. How is the royal house of David described?
  1. What miracle does the Lord promise to perform?
  1. When the Lord restores his nation, how will it differ from OT Israel, v. 12? 
  1. What use did James make of Amos’ words at the Jerusalem Council, Acts 15:15ff? 
Capsule summary of Amos:
1. Eight oracles of judgment
2. Five visions of judgment
3. Messianic promise: rebuilding of David’s fallen house.



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