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Pastor David Warskow
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 Little  Lambs  Preschool 
Lori McQuade, Teacher

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Worship Services
Sunday Worship Service / Communion on 1st & 3rd Sundays., 8:00 and 9:30AM*
Bible Study
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Thursday Bible Study, 10:00 AM  
Ladies’ Bible Study, August 15 at Church, 12:30 PM
* Broadcast Live on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/bslcspooner1/
      Sunday 9:30 Worship & 10:45 Bible study, & the 10:45 Wednesday Bible Study

Can God take my guilt away?

This year in our monthly articles we are considering favorite verses from the Bible.
This month’s favorite Bible verse is:  2 Corinthians 5:21 

“God made him who had no sin to be sin for us, so that in him
we might become the righteousness of God.”

              “I wish I could take it all away,” Mom whispered to her suffering five-year-old son. He had the flu for a couple of days now, and Mom’s heart was broken. As he lay in his bed suffering from the chills and a fever, there wasn’t much Mom could do except give him some children’s flu medicine and just be there for him. Mom felt helpless and wished she could take it all away from him. She even wished she could have the flu instead of her son.
           When children are sick, the love of Mom and Dad really starts to shine through. In a heartbeat, parents go to extra lengths to make sure their kids are feeling as comfortable as possible. If you’re a parent, you’ve been there. You make sure their pillow is extra fluffy. You bring their favorite juice box. You provide their favorite movie to watch. And any time you hear them call, you quickly respond with, “What can I do for you?” The love of Mom and Dad goes so far that if they could take the sickness away, even become sick instead of their child, they would. But they can’t, and it hurts.
           Has there ever been a time when you wished you could take it all away? Not just a sickness of a child, but something you did that you really regret? Maybe it was something you did to end a close relationship with a friend. Maybe you said something to a family member that you wish you could take back. Maybe it was something that only you know about, but it haunts you each day.
           It’s at moments like these that God’s love really starts to shine through. He knows your sin, your guilt, your regrets. But he doesn’t just wish he could take them away. He did take them away. He forgave them all! He took your sin and guilt away when he put them on his only Son, Jesus. He loves you so much that he had Jesus die for your sin so that you wouldn’t have to. God forgave your guilt and now considers you right with him because of what Jesus did for you.
           Wish your guilt and regrets could be taken away? They were. In their place, he gives you forgiveness and eternal life. Now that’s a love that shines through!

From the Pastor

I rejoiced with those who said to me, "Let us go to the house of the Lord.(Psalm 122:1)

          I am sure that most of us have heard these words at some point in our lives. These are words that King David wrote at the beginning of this Psalm. This is a Psalm of Ascents, one that was spoken as the people would be on their way up to the Temple in Jerusalem. It was designed to get their hearts and minds ready for the worship they were going to participate in. Let’s take a brief moment to see what is there.
           One thing that stands out is the encouragement that exists in the destination. The people were heading to the place where the Lord was dwelling among his people. They were entering into His presence with their fellow countrymen and believers. They were responding to His invitation to come to Him and worship. They were doing it as a group, as a people, a chosen people that were part of God’s covenant in bringing salvation to mankind. 
           A second thing that stands out is the response of David to this invitation. It brought joy to his heart to be included in this time of worship. It not only brought joy to David’s heart but also to the hearts of those that he was going with. There was something amazing they knew they were going to experience by simply being in the Lord’s presence during that time of worship. They were going to experience His love for them as they heard His Word proclaimed to them. They were going to see the reminder of the price that would be paid for their sins in the blood that was shed. They were going to be reminded of the new relationship they had because God had caused it to happen. They were joining together in response to all He was doing for them.
           How would you respond today if I asked you about coming to the House of the Lord? Would you have that same response? Would you say you are joyful for the opportunity to be with brothers and sisters in the faith hearing God’s Word and singing hymns of response? Would you say it brings joy to even think about being inside the building for an hour with people?
           Given the current situation, I would say that some would not respond with joy. Some have apprehension about the situation. Why? Is it because others aren’t doing what you might do? Is it because you are looking for a human solution that is temporary? Is it because you had a contentious discussion with someone where you were belittled for your opinion? (The one who did the belittling was wrong.) Is it because you have simply been looking for an excuse to not even come?
           All of this reveals that each one of us is affected by the sinful nature that lives within us. Our sinful nature wants to raise its ugly head and rule over us with fear and intimidation. It wants to make us afraid for our earthly life. It wants us to focus on the uncertainty of this world and not the certainty that is from God. It wants to use law to motivate us to act and live. It wants us to make spiritual compromises in this world to have a temporary feeling of earthly peace which in the end could cause us to ultimately lose that life promised by God. (Cf. Matthew 10:39: “Whoever finds his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life for my sake will find it.”)
           How do we overcome this? We do it with repentant hearts, minds, and actions. We confess our sins to Him and to each other if we have caused an offense. We do it by receiving the Lord’s forgiveness and by forgiving others. We do it by focusing not on ourselves but on the Lord of power and might, the Lord of promise and eternity, the Lord of salvation. We remember that our times are in His hands. We find ways to encourage one another to look beyond this temporary life to the eternal one promised us in heaven.
           By the grace of God, we will get through this. It will pass. Let us keep our focus on Him and what He has done for us as He comes to us in Word and Sacrament. Doing this will bring us back to listen the invitation to come for worship and cause us to respond with the Psalmist and say, “I rejoiced with those who said to me, ‘Let us go to the house of the Lord.’”

From the Elders

           We hope everyone is doing well during these trying times. The elders have spoken to many of you in the past couple of months to get your input on what we should or shouldn’t be doing to help get our church up and running at full speed. There are many different opinions on what the correct way is to help keep everyone safe.
            The Pastor, the Elders and the Church Council are trying to do what is best to ensure that people are safe while attending but some feel it is not enough. Some people feel that a mask should be worn by all. We will not force everyone to do this. If you want to wear a mask, you are welcome to do so.  Some feel that we should be partitioning off the chairs for social distancing. This can be tricky and how far apart do we block off certain chairs? We could try this if someone has some type of pattern they think we should follow. Maybe we can just have members allow at least 2 -3 chairs between them and just leave it up to our members to observe social distancing?
           There are probably a dozen other things that we could do but will that be a guarantee that this will solve the issues? We have split the church into two services to help any overcrowding. If you feel that the worship area is  a little too crowded, please feel free to sit in the fellowship area and with a mask if you prefer.
           We provided spray disinfectant to wipe down the hymnals. There is hand sanitizer in several locations. We left the collection plate in the back of the church so there is no handling of this item. You no longer have to handle the attendance book as the ushers have a checkoff list to mark your attendance. We have walk through communion, so we are not standing next to one another. The elder & Pastor are is using hand sanitizer just before communion begins for handling the host. Please make sure that when an usher sends you up for communion that you wait for the person ahead of you to be moving along to not invade their space. This has been happening and is making some people uncomfortable. If you are a family group, that is your preference if you want to stay closer together.  Many people just do not want their space invaded. We can understand this.
           Regarding masks: If you want to wear a mask, please do so. Nobody is going to think any less of someone for wearing a mask. Do they do any good? Not even the so-called experts know whether they work or not. There are a lot of theories, but it is not an exact science. If they don’t know, who are we to judge someone for wearing one?  We would hope and pray that no one in our congregation would ever criticize someone for doing what they feel is right for their own protection. If someone does criticize you, refer to Matthew 18 verses 15-17. Then, if this doesn’t work, please see me or Pastor or someone from the church council. We need to encourage not discourage our members.
           If there is anything else, we should be trying, please talk to any elder, church council member or the Pastor. We have a good thing here at Beautiful Savior. We have wonderful people here that want and need to get back together but for some the fear is still there. We have a Pastor who works very hard for his flock. For that we should all be very grateful.
           Keep praying every day for our congregation and its members. The Lord will not turn his back on us. In the meantime, stay positive and stay healthy.
           George McKay, Head Elder

Chief of sinners though I be,
Jesus shed his blood for me,
Died that I might live on high,
Lives that I might never die.
As the branch is to the vine,
I am his and he is mine!

Written by William McComb

 A Prayer for These Times

            Our desire is for peaceful lives, but lives filled with peace and prosperity do not always serve You and the growth of Your kingdom.

If we must suffer, let our suffering further Your kingdom. If we must live amidst turmoil, let our lives be the calm harbor that people seek in the tempest. A harbor that boldly flies Your flag of grace and mercy for the repentant sinner.

           Take our suffering, our frustration, our sorrow over the events besetting us, and let it guide us to our brother, Jesus, whose own suffering bought us our salvation. Help us to focus upon His life and words, and steer us away from self-absorption, self-pity, and the accompanying guilt that can cripple our lives and witness. 

Give us gratitude in suffering, and help us to see Your guiding hand in the events that surround us. Keep us from despair. Let our voices always be ones of praise, not bitterness; voices of calm assurance, not frustration; voices of reconciliation, not vengeance.

Continue to work all world events to Your glory, and though we may be unable to discern Your plan, give us Your Spirit to instill in us childlike trust in Your goodness and love for all mankind. 
           We pray this in the name of Your Son, Jesus Christ, whose life is not only our temporal example but the source of our eternal hope. Amen.
            Submitted by Debra Boelk
           Bible Studies Wednesday and Thursday studies will continue through the summer months.
           Our Wednesday study has started a new book. It is the Gospel of Mark and is at 10:00 AM. The Wednesday study is transmitted live on Facebook (www.facebook.com/bslcspooner1/).  The study guide is emailed ahead of time. If you would like to complete the study later, the video will be available on the Facebook site.
           The Thursday study will also study the Gospel of Mark once it completes its study of Daniel. This study is at 10 AM.
            Our Sunday study is going again. It takes places following the second service. We are continuing our study of the Book of Acts. For those attending on Facebook, the study sheet is posted on our church website
(www.bslcspooner.com) in the column on the left select  “Bible Study” tab on the left, when it opens click on Sunday Morning Bible Study.
                     Ladies’ Bible Study: First, my heartfelt apologies if you had to wait on me for Bible Study. Work got bogged down and I did not make it to church until after 12. Again, my apologies.
So, we are going to try this again. We will meet Aug 15, at 12:30 (This hopefully does not put me in a time crunch). We will meet at the church to provide proper spacing.   Dea Warskow 

Mortgage Burning

In this picture Mike Bingen and Andy Olsen prepare to burn the mortgage.
The mortgage burning ceremony was held on July 5, 2020.

           Youth Group Outing is planned to the  North Shore on August14. 

Sheep to Lambs

           Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”  Matthew 19:15
           What is Sheep to Lambs? Sheep to Lambs is a program 316NOW is developing for Chinese Christians to teach Bible truths to children.  With these materials, Chinese parents can bring their children to him (Matthew 19:15).
           The Chinese government is preventing Christian parents from doing this. 
           Chinese Christians currently lack gospel-centered materials for parents and teachers taught the gospel message of God’s love for all people in their own language. We call this program Sheep to Lambs.
           Why is Sheep to Lambs important? China has made it illegal to teach anyone under 18 the truths of the Bible. Normal Sunday schools are shuttered. Christian parents have few resources they can use to instruct their children.
           Our Sheep to Lambs program is preparing lessons for kindergartners through 2nd grade. At the moment we are at the field test stage. We have asked friends in China to try out our materials for teachers and our materials for children. Their evaluations will tell us how we can improve our lessons.
           The lessons for the children are translated from Northwestern Publishing House's Christ Light materials.

           Free offer: 316NOW is providing English-versions of its teaching materials to American parents — at no cost go to www.316now.org/sheep-to-lambs-lessons.
            View more about 316NOW at www.316NOW.org or read blogs at www.316now.org/connect.   Learn about Sheep to Lambs at www.316now.org/sheep-to-lambs.
           Reprinted by permission. 316NOW is an educational, humanitarian organization led by Confessional Lutherans that equips and mentors Christian leaders in China for their service to others.  


           John 2:15-17 :  Do not love the world or anything in the world. If anyone loves the world, love for the Father is not in them. For everything in the world—the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life—comes not from the Father but from the world.  The world and its desires pass away, but whoever does the will of God lives forever.   

           If you are looking for a reading that reminds us what is truly important, you have found it. The things of the world—the lust of the flesh, the desire of the eyes, and the boasting about material possessions—are not from the Father. They have little real value. What is from the Father—his forgiveness in Jesus and eternal life through faith in him—remains forever. Chasing after sexual conquests, greed for all things temporary, and hoarding of stuff is foolish and spiritually fatal! When we “invest” in the things of the Father, we are blessed in more ways than we can ever imagine.


            In the August issue of Forward in Christ, The Book of James, Article 2,  talks about trials. 
    It begins with the statement:
                                DID YOU EVER hear anything so strange? “Consider it pure joy,”
           Article 2 in Richard Lauersdorf's series on the book of James is available  at forwardinchrist.net/when-facing-trials/.
           The first article, from the July issue of FIC, begins with the words:
                                What’s a book like James doing in the New Testament anyway?
           Read Article One  at  https://forwardinchrist.net/a-blueprint/.  

           Follow Forward in Christ on Facebook: Get more from Forward in Christ, the synod’s official magazine on Facebook at facebook.com/ForwardinChristMagazine. Join the community and join the conversation.
            Supporting students on the path to ministry: You can help support students along their path to serving in the ministry. Tuition and education expenses can be a big hurdle. The WELS Endowment Financial Assistance provides tuition help to students at all four ministerial education schools. Visit wels.net/foundation to learn how you can contribute to the education of our future WELS pastor and teachers.    
          WELS Family Devotions: Get your family into God’s Word during the week. WELS has started offering devotions developed for the entire family to use. Each devotion is complete with a set of questions for different age groups, a prayer, and hymn verses that can be sung or spoken. Find the family devotions at wels.net/family-devotions.
           Have you visited wels.net lately? Your Sunday offerings help support the work of WELS, but do you know how? Go to wels.net to discover stories about the many WELS world and home mission fields; explore which ministries can support you and your congregation; enjoy daily devotions and Bible readings; and subscribe to stay up to date on the latest news from your synod. All of this and more is available on wels.net.

Faces of Faith -- The Apache Reservations in Arizona
           I love the inspiring Faces of Faith articles that are done by WELS Mission Promotions. The trouble these days is that faces are all I get to see. COVID-19 virus has locked our Apache reservations up tightly.
           Some of our reservation communities have high rates of infection, and in other communities, there is fear that the virus will spread quickly. There have been no church services or Bible Classes since March. Checkpoints are set up at community entrance points to keep visitors out and restrict residents from leaving except on certain days of the week. So, we’re left with faces. Faces on Zoom meetings or video calls from home, and halves of faces behind a mask from six feet away at the grocery store.
           But those faces still show  us faith. Or at least the evidence of it. Several weeks ago, there was a wildfire in one of our reservation communities. Several families lost everything. And guess what happened? Before the smoke even cleared, our church members donations came from Native Christians expressing their faith through their actions. Their generosity was astounding! They gave freely and willingly from what they had without holding back. They couldn’t hug, couldn’t gather at the same time, and couldn’t even get closer than six feet. Their faces were masked, but their faith was visible.
           As Native Christians we have donated more than 1,900 masks to local hospitals, and our members are working hard sewing hundreds more. May God bless you as you find new and creative ways to share the ancient and unchanging story of Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith!
           Written by Dan Rautenberg, Field Coordinator on the Apache reservations in Arizona. 
           This article is condensed from a report in the Apache ReservationsMissions Blog of 2020/07/09. Read the complete article at https://wels.net/faces-of-faith-on-the-apache-reservations-in-arizona/.
           WELS Ministerial Education – Lord Jesus, we praise you for keeping your promises and victoriously conquering sin and death. Thank you for giving us the privilege of sharing the message of your salvation with others. Please raise up young men and women to fill all the opportunities we have for pastors, teachers, staff ministers, and missionaries across our church body. Thank you for the support of your people that helps remove obstacles from their path. Jesus, continue to grant that your gospel is shared across the earth. Amen.
           Pandemic – Heavenly Father, watch over all whose lives have been disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic, especially those who have suffered illness, lost loved ones, or whose livelihoods have been impacted in a negative way. Give them strength and courage as they contend with their trying circumstances. Give wisdom and insight to our government and health leaders as they navigate these uncharted waters. Guide our WELS ministries and churches as we strive to carry out your Great Commission in changed circumstances. And we boldly ask, if it’s your will, that you mercifully end this health crisis and allow us to return to our normal routines. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Lord, may Thy body and Thy blood
Be for my soul the highest good!

(Refrain from “I Come, O Savior, to thy Table”)
By Friedrich C. Heyder (1677-1754)


The Meal Is the Price of Your Salvation

           What is actually happening when people receive Lord’s Supper?
           You can’t see much. It may only look like some reverent people getting a morsel of bread and a sip of wine. But what is really going on is a personal encounter with the risen Christ, their Savior from sin. Through the mystery and miracle of the sacrament, they are receiving the body of Christ; through faith they then become part of the body of Christ, i.e., the great union of all believers past, present, and future.
           That personal encounter was instituted by Christ, guaranteed by Christ, and explained by Christ: “Take and eat; this is my body . . . . Drink from it, all of you. This is my blood of the covenant, which is poured out for many for the forgiveness of sins” (Matthew 26:26-28). The Meal guarantees people’s forgiveness before God because the Meal is the very price of their salvation. The body you receive was nailed to the cross for you. The blood you receive came out of his body for you.
           message behind Lord’s Supper is the same message brought by the spoken gospel of Christ: you are loved, you are forgiven, you are empowered to live a new life. What the Supper does is make that message personal. You cannot possibly mistake whom God means with that love, forgiveness, and power because the Meal is in your mouth.
           It’s personal.
            Written by Pastor Mark Jeske. Copyright © 2019 Time of Grace Ministry, All rights reserved. Used by permission of Time of Grace®.   Posted 2019/03/2.
           Time of Grace posts and videos are a great way to receive encouragement and guidance for living a Christian life in the world today. As the writers cover timely topics and issues, you’ll find foundational promises from God’s Word as they relate to the joys and challenges you face in your life.  For more encouragement from the Time of Grace visit timeofgrace.org/connect to receive Time of Grace Bible-based posts in your inbox. 

Yea though I walk through the dark valley
{of the new and unconquered disease},
I will fear no evil, for Thou art with me,
Thy rod and Thy staff,  they comfort me.
And I know that nothing is going to happen to me 
that You don't want to happen to me. 
And if trouble should come to me or my family,
I rest assured knowing that You are with us
and that we are never alone. 
In Jesus' name, we pray. AMEN

From Sharon Bingen

Copyright 2020 Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church. All Rights Reserved.