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Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church

N5015 Beaverbrook Ave., Spooner, WI
Located Southwest of the Junction of Highways 53 & 70 in Spooner, Wisconsin 
As disciples of our Beautiful Savior, we dedicate ourselves to grow in faith   
             and spread His Word to all people, through the diligent study
            and practice of the inerrant Word of God.   (Mission Statement)             


Phone:     715-635-7672    Website:  www.bslcspooner.com     
Email:  beautiful001@ centurytel.net
Facebook:  www.facebook.com/Beautiful-Savior-Lutheran-Church-Spooner-2253900931311243/

Pastor David Warskow

       Phone: Home   715-939-1099                  Cell  661-400-3828
Email:  pastorbslcspooner@gmail.com
Secondary Email:  beautiful001@centurytel.net

Little Lambs Preschool
Lori McQuade, Teacher 

Facebook:  www.facebook.com/bslcspooner
Phone: 715-635-7678  

Serving  Our  Beautiful  Savior

February   2020

Worship Services

Sunday Worship (Communion on 1st & 3rd Sundays), 9:30 AM
Ash Wednesday Service, February 26 (Communion), 7:00 PM
Sunday School/Youth Study (Kids Connection / Music @ 10:45), 11:00 AM

Bible Study

Sunday Adult Bible Class, 11:00 AM
Confirmation Class Sunday, 12:45-2:30 PM
Minong Study: February 5 at the Waggoner’s,10:00 AM
                          February 19 at the McKay’s,10:0 0 AM
Thursday Study, 10:00 AM
Wednesday Bible Study, February 5, 12, 19, 6:30 PM
Women’s Bible Study, February 15 at Church, 11:30 AM
Voyager Village Study, February 12 & 26 at Home of the Bergs, 1:00 PM

More Than Mere Roses

            This year in our monthly articles we are considering favorite verses from  the Bible.

            This month’s favorite Bible verse is:  John 3:16.

For God so loved the world
that he gave his one and only Son,

that whoever believes in him
shall not perish but have eternal life

            This Valentine’s Day please reflect on the One who proved his love by giving more than mere roses; he gave his Son.
            God did this to prove his love for you. He loves you so much that he gave his Son to die your death. He loves you so much that he will give eternal life to you and all who believe.
            So why did God do it? Because in the suffering of God’s Son we see the penalty for our sins. God chose to punish his Son instead of us.
            When Jesus came to earth, he was given to a world that hated him; he was given to humiliation and torture, and ultimately, to death on a cross. As a parent, to give my child to suffer all of this is unimaginable. It would be nearly impossible to give so much for someone else. Can you relate? Yet God willingly gave his one and only, dearly loved Son for us.toGod didn’t just pick out a cute card or buy some roses for us. To prove his love, he gave his Son for us. And the greatness of God’s love is seen in what he gave his Son
In the Bible, we hear about what God gave to prove his love for us. In the book of John it says, “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.”
            With Valentine’s Day approaching you may want to consider this question. Maybe you will give a card—perhaps one that plays a song about love. Maybe you will give flowers—red roses still seem like a good way to say I love you. If you’re a romantic, you might plan something special—maybe a candle-lit dinner without the kids or a surprise get-away.
              “What can I give to prove my love?” 

                                              From the Pastor

Pastor Warskow          Paul tells us, howeer, that He gives us the victory! We get to be on the winning side. We get to receive the spoils earned by the Savior: life in heaven sitting at the Father’s feet, peace that surpasses all understanding, and a perfect change in us for eternity. This is the wonderful reminder that we will receive as we come for our Lenten services this year. So, come join us as we once again journey with our Savior from heaven to the earth, to the grave and back to life.
            A war was fought for souls. The souls of all mankind were battled over. War is not a pretty thing to discuss. It is bloody. It is painful. There is a winner and loser. In this case, Jesus shed His blood and gave up his life. In so doing, he won. He conquered the enemies of God – the devil, the world and our sinful flesh. All three of these were opposed to God.  That means you and I by nature are opposed to God. We deserve to be destroyed. We deserve to be conquered. That is the status/position our sins put us in.
            It seems a little strange to talk about a loving Savior that had to go to war. However, when there are passages like 2 Timothy 1:10 that say: “Our Savior, Jesus Christ…has destroyed death and has brought life and immortality to light through the gospel” and 1 Corinthians 15:54, 57: “Death has been swallowed up in victory…thanks be to God! He gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ” we see that a war was fought. “Victory,” “destroyed” – these are words about enemies facing each other, struggle, conflict, losing and winning. These are words about war.
            The reason I bring this up is because the theme for our Lenten Season this year is “The Son of God Goes Forth to War!”
            As a father of a service member that was deployed to the area at the time, I was a little concerned. I did not want any harm to come to my son. Fortunately, nothing else came of the actions in that area and my son was able to leave and make it back from deployment. However, if he needed to, I know that my son would have faithfully carried out his duties if he had been required to stay because the U.S. had gone to war.
           A few weeks ago, we saw on the news that the President of the U.S. had ordered the killing of an Iranian leader. The order was given based on intel that this individual had been responsible for killing hundreds of U.S. citizens, organized attacks on U.S. assets, had organized the last attack on the embassy in Iraq and was planning more attacks.  After the attack took place, a number of people were saying that this was an escalation and we were heading for world war 3. Of course, Iran responded with some missile fired in the direction of bases where the U.S. had people stationed. No serious damages were incurred.       

A victory to begin Jesus’ ministry

            A dramatic battle takes place in Matthew 4:1-11. The forces of hell assembled to overpower the Force of Heaven.  Jesus’ ministry had barely begun when he stepped on to a battle field following a 40 day fast. But what better time for Satan to attack?  To derail Jesus’ ministry now would secure Satan’s eternal hold on every human soul.
            But that battle would not go his way. The Victor clearly demonstrated he is the Savior of the world.
            C.F.W. Walther, a giant among Lutheran theologians in the late 1800s, offers these comments on the temptation of Jesus.
The battle scene
            An exceedingly wonderful battle is explained to us in our Gospel today. Shortly before, when Christ was baptized, the heavens opened up above him as if they wanted to descend upon the earth. Immediately after his baptism, hell opened up under Christ and rushed upon him with all its power. 
            How wonderful! 
            The Son of God in almighty power had once cast Satan out of heaven, but here on earth, he let himself be attacked by him, let himself be led around, sneered at, and ridiculed. 
The sword of the Spirit
            He did not conquer Satan, as he very well could have, by one word of his omnipotence, but by the written Word of God. He who is the eternal Light battled with the spirit of darkness, the eternal Truth with the spirit of lies, the Most Holy with the spirit of impurity, the King of heaven with the powerless prisoner of hell. 
            The Son of God allowed himself to be placed on the pinnacle of the temple and permitted the tempter to demand that he worship him. 
            What a wonderful battle!…
A battle for our souls
            If Christ had not wanted it, Satan would not have appeared before him, tempted him, and attacked him. But Christ here did not fight for himself. Instead, he fought as surety, as a third party, as a substitute for the entire human race. 
            By sin, all people sold themselves to Satan, becoming servants and subjects of his kingdom. Therefore, when Christ wanted to redeem men and save them, he came, as the true owner of all people’s souls, to conquer Satan, to destroy his kingdom, to remove his plunder from him, to free us from his dark power, and to lead us through the kingdom of grace into the kingdom of eternal glory. 
The opening battle toward Easter's ultimate victory
            Christ did this mainly by his bloody death of atonement on the cross for all the sins of the world. By this, the head of the snake was totally crushed and all people were completely redeemed. 
            The battle with Satan described in our text was the beginning. It was the first engagement that had to be fought by the Prince of our salvation to trample Satan under his feet and to deal the first deadly wounds to him. It was the first defeat the hellish army had to experience to show them that the Stronger One had now come.
            Read blogs like this one and about Chinese Christians living out their faith, for example:  Count the blessings, How are you?, Prayer in the morning and Shrewd as serpents.
            Reprinted by permission; posted 2016/10/16, 316NOW.  Visit the 316NOW webpage (http://www.316now.org/).
316NOW is a ministry of Confessional Lutherans who are committed to bringing the gospel to the Chinese people by empowering Chinese Christian leaders through Scripture study.


            New Member Potluck: On Sunday March 1, we will be hosting our new member potluck. There is a sign-up sheet in the back of the church. Please take a moment to sign up. We hope to see you there!
            The Church Council installation was held during the worship service on Sunday, January 19.
President, Mike Bingen
Education, Joe Romportl
Maintenance, Paul Ryan
Treasurer, George McKay, fill-in Elder
Financial Secretary, Rich Harris, fill-in Recording Secretary
Stewardship, Andy Olsen. fill-in Evangelism
            Discussion was held about combining the stewardship and evangelism boards.
            Women’s Bible Study: We will meet Saturday February 15 at the church. Study starts at 11:30. Bring your favorite snack. Drinks will be provided!
            Game Day, February 22: We will be having a Game Day afternoon. Games begin at 1 PM bring your favorite snack and your favorite game. Let’s have fun.
            Mark Your Calendars for a Spaghetti Feed! March 29 there will be a Spaghetti Feed to assist the teens of the church to attend the International Youth Rally.
             The 2020 Flower Calendar is posted on the bulletin board in the fellowship area. Cost per arrangement is $20. See Sharon or Peggy.
            Miss Last Sunday’s Sermon?  What time is Bible study?? Wishing a friend or relative could listen to a sermon?   Go to our website (www.bslcspooner.com).  You will find audio recordings of sermons, and copies of the current bulletin calendar and newsletter, and more. Members of Beautiful Savior can set up an account with password to access a copy of the directory and additional info at the above site.  Share the web address with a friend; they can read the latest newsletter article or hear a sermon. 
            The Sunday Fellowship Treat sign-up sheet is hanging by the kitchen/fellowship counter. Please sign up so we can spread out the treats over different Sundays! Thanks for your contribution to a special time with fellow Christians!
            Support the Washburn County Food Pantry with donations of non-perishable food items. The donation box is in the fellowship area on the greeting card table.

            Our Family Barcodes: Thank you to all who help collect Our Family UPC Barcodes. For every 500 we collect and mail in, we receive a check for $25.00. This helps fund items needed in our preschool. Just a reminder, we only need to mail the “barcode” portion of the labels. Keep clipping and put them in the box in the library.  This a great way to support our Preschool and students.

He who does not love does not know God,
for God is love.
1 John 4:8


­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ 2 Corinthians 8:11-12:  Now finish the work,
so that your eager willingness to do it may be matched
by your completion of it, according to your means.  
For if the willingness is there, the gift is acceptable
according to what one has, not according
to what one does not have.

            Notice that Paul says, “according to your means.” Sometimes, when the church needs a little more to fund the ministry of the congregation, members will suggest that “if every member just gives a hundred dollars more, we’ll have enough.” That sounds equitable and reasonable, doesn’t it?
            But it’s not biblical. The phrase, “according to your means,” tells us that those who have been blessed with much should give more, and those who have been blessed with less should not be ashamed to give what they can. 


            WELS thanks the LWMS: Through the international office, the Lutheran Women’s Missionary Society (LWMS) circuits raised $41,204 for both the East Asia Outreach and Campus Ministry projects. LWMS also raised $49,938 for kids c.a.r.e.—kids’ summer Bible camps. Thank you, LWMS, for your generous support!
            WELS Women's Ministry: WELS Women’s Ministry is excited to partner with Northwestern Publishing House to host the WELS Women Writers Conference, April 24-25, 2020, in Waukesha, Wis. This is your opportunity to explore the world of writing and publishing with ample time to network and meet other writers. Go to Women’s Ministry facebook.com/WELSWomensMinistry.
            Sign up for the monthly mailing for the latest updates ( wels.us2.list-manage.com/subscribe?u=de078f904573ae0410585a994&id=3badc84784).
             Forward in Christ (FIC) and Parent Conversations: FIC magazine debuted a new look and fresh new features in its January 2020 issue. Read more about the new features (wels.net/new-look-for-forward-in-christ-magazine/).  Heart to Heart articles and podcasts are now Parent Conversations and continue to feature helpful discussions for parents and families. Read this month's article How Can we Help a Stressed-out Kid? (https://forwardinchrist.net/parent-conversations-day-to-day-stressors/).
             How much do you know about the WELS?
              WELS calling - Nurture the faith of members and spread the gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the world.
             WELS in brief - As a Christian church body, the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod’s calling is to nurture the faith of our members and to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the world.
WELS is the third largest Lutheran church body in the United States.
                 1,281 churches
                 359,426 baptized members
                 286,213 communicant members.
                 294 Lutheran elementary schools
                  387 early childhood ministries
                  26 area Lutheran high schools
             The complete article and more information can be found at wels.net/annualreport/. Information about the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod (www.wels.net)including a directory of local congregations, is also available.
             WELS Special Ministries - WELS Special Ministries helps equip churches and individuals to serve in love. The Special Ministries umbrella covers eight specialized areas, but the opportunities to put love in action are countless.
             You may put God’s love in action to someone far away, such as an inmate or a soldier. But most special ministry is local. You carry it out in your home, your church, or your community. Thousands of WELS volunteers serve the needs of neighbors who have a disability, an addiction, an illness, or other limiting circumstances. Learn about the many ways WELS Special Ministries (wels.net/special-ministries) can help you serve those around you.
       Follow Missions on Facebook - Like the new WELS Missions Facebook page to stay up to date on news from Home and World Mission fields, read inspiring stories of the gospel at work, and take advantage of the many resources WELS Missions (facebook.com/WELSMissions) has to offer.

             WELS – Lord, when we pause to reflect on the past year, we are astounded at your blessings. We praise your Holy Spirit for moving members to be involved with ministry at their own congregations, in mission fields, and as part of our synod’s disaster relief efforts. We thank you for increased enrollment at our ministerial education schools. We glorify you for opening doors for us to connect with people around the world so that we can bring the gospel to more people than we ever could have planned. Please bless us in 2020 as we continue to strive to be good stewards of your kingdom. Amen.
             Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary – Lord Jesus, Head of the Church, we ask you to guide this time of transition at Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary as new men are called to replace several long-time professors. Prof. Richard Gurgel will be leaving the seminary to serve as president of Martin Luther College beginning this summer. Prof. James Tiefel retired at the end of 2019, and Prof. John Brenner plans to retire in June 2021. By your Spirit call for these positions the men you have in mind and be with them as they help train our future pastors. Amen.
             LWMS Pause for Prayer: Lord God Almighty, you promise that your Word will not return to you empty but will accomplish your purpose. Strengthen our missionaries when they become discouraged at not seeing results from their labors. Reassure them that planting the seed is all you ask of them. Amen.
           This prayer from the LWMS was reprinted with permission; post 2020/1/15,
             Jesus Cares Ministry - Pray for life-changing breakthrough for those they serve and the exciting days for Jesus Cares Ministries in particular, as they take steps toward launching a new online ministry to reach more people with special needs than ever, giving them the chance to hear about – and respond to – God’s love. 
             Reprinted by permission, from the post of 2020.01.21, The Lutheran Homes Association (www.tlha.org).

             As Jesus says,
“Ask and it will be given to you;
seek and you will find;
knock and the door will be opened to you.”

Matthew 7:7 NIV

Equipping  Christian  Witnesses

             Martin Luther College is embarking on extraordinary times! Our gracious Savior, who “is not willing that any should perish,” is opening mission doors in the 21st century that are beyond our imagination! More new mission starts, thriving preschools, and growing urban schools are just some areas where we need more Christian witnesses—more pastors, teachers, and staff ministers—to share the love of Christ.
           At Martin Luther College (MLC) we have the privilege of preparing those called workers. We’re excited about our new campaign, Equipping Christian Witnesses, in which, by God’s grace, we will prepare even more called workers by expanding our reach in three areas: recruitment, financial aid, and facilities.  
            Learn more about this, recommend a potential student, or establish a pledge.mlc-wels.edu/mlc-campaign (two-year campaign).            


             The Way - How do you get to heaven? Are there many roads? Do they all lead there
             Truth - Politics and religion. You just don't talk about those things. Looking for the truth?
             Light of Our Lives - Light is certainly one of the most precious things in our world. Where do you find the eternal light?             Browse the Daily Devotions archive, which has several months' worth of devotions to uplift and encourage you with the Word. You can also subscribe to the Daily Devotions to have them delivered right to your inbox.
             Many people have questions about Christianity; they wonder about what God says and does. Some of these questions you might have asked yourself.
             Jesus rescued us from the guilt of our sins and gives us eternal life. Therefore, we worship him because of his great love. Learn about the way we worship our Lord and prepare for hearing the Word of God written in the Bible. 
             Discover God’s great truths for your life and your future! Our Bible Studies are self-guided tours through God’s Word.
             Visit the What About Jesus site (https://whataboutjesus.com/).


2 Peter 1:9. . For he who lacks these qualities
is blind or short-sighted, having forgotten
his purification from his former sins.

             Whoever does not have such an assortment of the fruits of faith, gropes like a blind man here and there, demonstrates by his life that he does not know what his true state is, that he does not have real faith, and that he has of the knowledge of Christ no more than that he can say he has heard of it. Therefore he goes along and gropes like a blind man on the way, in an unconscious life, and has forgotten that he was baptized and that his sins were forgiven him, and so he is unthankful, and is an idle, negligent man, who allows nothing to touch his heart, and neither feels nor tastes such great grace and blessing. This is the admonition which St. Peter gives to us who believe, to urge and enforce those works by which we shall demonstrate that the true faith is in us. And, even though he thus exhorts us, this ever remains true, that faith alone justifies. Where this faith, then, is present, there works must follow.             
             Taken from Five Minutes Daily with Luther, Daily Lessons from the Writings of Martin Luther.  Written by Robin D. Fish © 2008. Used by permission.


             Why are so many Christian congregations no longer growing and now in decline? It may be that the surrounding communities are unaware of any important resources there. It may be that the congregation is interested in gathering only people just like those already there.
             The sad truth is that even though neighborhoods may change outwardly, the same desperate, inward human needs are still there—loneliness, depression, guilt, sickness, and fear. When there is a communication gap between Christians and their communities, guess who adapts? “Though I am free and belong to no man, I make myself a slave to everyone, to win as many as possible” (1 Corinthians 9:19).
             Did you catch that? The one who knows God will adapt. The one who is stronger in faith will bend. The one more experienced in the Word will take the posture of the servant.
             It is my belief and experience that when a congregation makes itself a slave to its community, it will have all the work it can handle and will never go out of business.   
              Written by Pastor Mark Jeske, posted 2017/09/22. Reprinted with permission of Time of Grace. Copyright © 2017 Time of Grace Ministry, All rights reserved. 
               Learn more about this ministry.   Take Time of Grace with you on their free mobile app! Find devotionals, blog posts, watch the program.  Download on Apple and android today.

Lamb of God, We Fall before You,Verses 1, 3

Lamb of God, we fall before you,
humbly trusting in your cross.
Our great joy is to adore you;
All things else are only dross.
Jesus gives us true repentance      
by his Spirit sent from heav’n,
Whispers this assuring sentence,

“All your sins are now forgiv’n.”

              Author: Joseph Hart, 1712-68


             During February our Bible stories will be:  The Great Catch of Fish (Jesus calls his disciples), Jesus Calms the Storm, Jesus Feeds 5000, and Jesus Blesses the Children.
              Our shape study will continue with oval, heart, rectangle and diamond.
             We will celebrate Valentine’s Day with a party on Friday, February 14th.
             Our themes this month will include groundhogs, caring and sharing, dental health and more fun winter activities.  Just a reminder: We do go outside when the weather permits, so if you are coming into the parking lot please bear in mind that there could be little ones at play. We don’t always get into the fenced area.
             Please remember to keep all the church doors locked during preschool hours. They are from 7:00 to 4:00 Monday thru Friday.
              Thank you so much for your help with these important safety matters!
             May you all have a truly blessed and safe February! In Jesus name, Mrs. McQuade 


May the Lord direct your hearts into God’s love and Christ’s perseverance.
2 Thessalonians 3:5

               “Now, I know in my experience that Jesus’ light is stronger than the biggest darkness.”
             The ten Boom family were Dutch Christians who helped many Jews escape the Nazi Holocaust of WWII. When their home was raided after an informant tipped off the Nazis of their activities, the entire family was imprisoned. Corrie and her sister were sent to a notorious Nazi concentration camp. She was miraculously released from prison just days after her sister had died there. God brought incredible beauty and healing through her difficult experiences, and her words still have great relevance and impact in our world today. She authored several books and was most famously known for The Hiding Place, the incredible story of her life. The title refers to the secret place where the family hid countless Jewish people needing help in their home, and is based on this scripture, 

“You are my hiding place and my shield;
I hope in your word
(Psalm 119:114).

                “Today I know that such memories are the key not to the past, but to the future. I know that the experiences of our lives, when we let God use them, become the mysterious and perfect preparation for the work he will give us to do.”
              Corrie ten Boom’s amazing life and journey remind us still today how to live strong and love well through the hope and freedom of Christ. May we press on in that wisdom, moving forward with the same forgiving spirit that typified this courageous soul. Don’t let the enemy hold you back.
              "This is what the past is for! Every experience God gives us, every person he puts in our lives is the perfect preparation for the future that only he can see."
              The highlighted quotes are by Corrie ten Boom and the article about Corrie was written by Debbie McDaniel a pastor's wife, mom to three amazing kids and a few too many pets, dramatist and writer. Debbie invites you to join her at www.freshdayahead.com,


Copyright 2020 Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church. All Rights Reserved.